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Grassroots Movements - Power of the People

Grassroots movements are essential threads in the fabric of our history and have helped shape our nation as we know it today. The Revolutionary War and America’s eventual independence from England came about due to grassroots efforts, as did the abolition of slaves and later, the Civil Rights Movement.

Grassroots movements are the purest form of power of the people-- ordinary citizens with extraordinary ideas, coming together to effect change. People, sometimes even those with fundamental differences, can unite around an idea to become a powerful and effective body of influence. Grassroots efforts almost always start small, from the seed of an idea planted, sometimes even from the simplest of conversations. From those small seeds grow the movements, fed and fertilized by the involvement of the local citizens closest to the issues. It’s the engagement of the local people, the ones with the greatest stake in the game, that are the heart and soul of every successful grassroots movement.

Historically, when grassroots movements have failed, it has often been because they lacked a central unifying body. That’s why Western Justice is fundamentally important in the effort to save our cherished Western lifestyles, events, and pastimes. Never before have so many Western industry entities banded together for the sake of a single, central common interest: the love of Western life. From the stoic determination of multi-generational ranch families to the elegant pageantry of charreada, upholding the core foundation of our shared heritage has brought us together, and together we have made a stand and become a force to be reckoned with.

Western Justice is not here to monopolize the spotlight, we are here as a coalescing point for everyone with a love of Western heritage. We are here to join with those that know our heritage cannot be preserved and continued without focused and diligent effort, to combat the extremist special interests working to end all that we hold dear. We are here to bring people together to uphold and defend our way of life because no one standing alone can do what we can do as one.


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