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The Western Justice Team offers a robust level of expertise. We are multigenerational Ranchers, Veterinary Technicians, Horse Trainers, Breeders, Open and Non-pro competitors. Some have career backgrounds working in the corporate world and others in family and small business. 

As a group, we have extensive experience in policy, public relations, research writing, marketing, advertising, project implementation, education, and management. 

Our team has a proven track record and extensive experience in growing small interest groups into well-respected and influential voices on a national level. 

WJLF New Logo 1.png

A strong, united membership is vital in the ongoing fight against the animal and
environmental extremist groups who are seeking to end our cherished ways of life.

It is imperative for tomorrow’s generations that we persist and prevail today. We cannot fight this battle alone; Industry support is crucial. 



Strengthen Our Voice and Influence

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