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Dave Duquette - Founder

A Cowboy With A Voice

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Dave Duquette has been a loud and clear voice of reason for agriculture and rural rights in the United States. With a passion for rural American causes, Western Justice founder Dave Duquette, has experience fighting some of the toughest battles in Agriculture.

Marine Corps - Eastern Oregon - Horse Training

Dave’s career as an animal welfare and agriculture advocate started over 2 decades ago. A Marine, Dave has built several businesses including his own horse training facility in Northeast Oregon. During his career as a horse trainer, he began seeing the unjust policies inflicted on rural America, and believed they needed someone

who would stand up for them, their families, beliefs, and their way of life. If you know anything about Marines, you know they are not the type to stand back and watch injustice take place and grab a foothold.

Dave wanted to be that person.

Fox News - Forrest Lucas and Protect The Harvest

After seeing Dave discuss industry issues with Bret Baier on Fox News, Forrest Lucas, founder of the pro-agriculture organization Protect The Harvest, recruited Dave as the nonprofit's National Strategic Planner and Spokesman. There, Dave built a robust team of subject matter experts, writers, and digital media specialists, catapulting the organization's online presence and messaging, transforming it into one of the

most respected and influential agricultural advocacy groups.

Duquette Strategies

In 2020 , Duquette started his own consulting business, Duquette Strategies, to continue advocating at a new level. He has always considered his years at Protect The Harvest as being parallel to earning a "PHD in politics". Working in Washington D.C, enabled him to form invaluable relationships and gave him the knowledge and the tactics needed to navigate government departments.

Western Justice Legislative Fund, 501(c) 4

In 2020, with his consulting business off and running, Dave was approached by a concerned group of knowledgeable horse people about the increasing influence animal extremist groups are having on the industry. They wanted to know what could be done to stop the activities and unjust legislation these groups push in all levels of government.

With his years of working in advocacy with the horse industry, on critical issues with Forrest Lucas and Protect The Harvest, and as Duquette Strategies, Dave knew the value and importance of uniting individuals and aliegned industry groups under one umbrella. He also understood the valune of a membership-based organization and the longevity and strength that comes with such a group of united and engaged members. Therefore, he founded Western Justice Legistalive Fund, a non-profit 501(c)4 . Western Justice Legislative Fund is a membership-based organization that advocates for the people it represents . The organization is engaged legally and legislatively for the western lifestyle, livelihoods, and industry events.

Dave Duquette, Cowboy with a voice, Western Justice, Western Sports Industry Coalition, Horse Industry, Rodeo, Rural America in Action, Forrest Lucas, Protect The Harvest, Duquette Strategies

Western Sports Industry Coalition

After the Los Angeles City Council announced it would be pushing forward with dangerous, precedent setting ordinance language that would essentially ban rodeo and other animal exhibitions and training in the 400 square mile city limits, Dave and Western Justice Legislative Fund took action and formed the Western Sports Industry Coalition. The Western Sports Industry Coalition is made up of over 50 organizations. It serves as a collective voice, presenting knowledge, experience, and legitimate, objective research to lawmakers. The goal of the Western Sports Industry Coalition is to preserve and protect the future of western sports events and cultural traditions and to substantiate the industry’s unified commitment to the welfare of animals.

Dave Duquette, Rural America in Action, Western Justice Legislative Fund, Western Justice, Horse Industry, Western Sports Industry Coalition, Petitions, Fundraising, Surveys

Western Justice 501(c)3 and Rural America in Action

After serveral years working with issues tackeled by Western Jusstice Legislative Fund and the Western Sports Industry Coalition, it became apparent that additional resources were needed to advocate for our Western heritage and way of life. Western Justice 501(c) 3 works to educate, inform and engage rural Americans.

While working on the campaign to stop rodeo ban language in Los Angeless, watching petitions on progressive platforms being censored, and the funding stolen from Canadian truckers by another website, it became apparent that a robust platform representing rural Americans was desperately needed. So, Dave engaged with his team and contacts to fund and develop the Rural America in Action platform which offers petitions, fundraising, and surveys. All are important tools needed when fighting back against the activities and agenda of animal and environmental extremism.

Leadership - Team Together Again

Leadership encompasses a variety of talents, from having vision to grow and tackle new challenges to assembling a great team and empowering them to do what they do best. It is important to note that most of Dave's team from Protect The Harvest is now involved with Western Justice Legislative Fund, the educational organization Western Justice c3, and his newest project, Rural America in Action. In addition, his advocacy work and leadership has attracted other sucessful subject matter experts in a variety of disciplines and sectors making up our Western way of life.

This new, blended team of experts possesses a broad range of knowledge in areas such as policy, public relations, marketing, advertising, research, and writing. Most importantly importantly, they are all integrally involved in the western lifestyle, including multigenerational ranchers, veterinary industry experts, competitors, and trainers and/or breeders.

The Cowboy with a Voice

Known to government officials and agencies as the “Cowboy with a voice” Dave is looking forward to continuing his work and strives to make Western Justice Legislative Fund, Western Justice (c) 3 and Rural America in Action , a legacy that protects the western heritage for future generations.

Support the Horse Industry and Our Western Heritage -

Become a Western Justice Member - HERE

Western Justice Legislative Fund is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(4) Organization Internal Revenue Code: EIN # 85-1738984 Registered in Wyoming. Mailing address ~ P.O. Box 454 Hermiston, OR 97838

Contributions to WJLF are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. They may be deductible as trade or business expenses, if ordinary and necessary in the conduct of the taxpayer's business. Please consult with your tax adviser.

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