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Historic Western Sports Industry Coalition Founded in 2021

The historic Western Sports Industry Coalition was formed by Western Justice Legislative Fund founder, Dave Duquette in 2021. It was founded in response to egregious and potentially precedent setting language ordered by the Los Angeles City Council that would essentially ban rodeo and other activities with animals within city limits. For perspective, the Los Angeles City limits covers over 400 square miles in Southern California.

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Ordinance Language Would Ban Rodeo and Other Activities with Animals

If the ordinance is enacted, Southern California rodeo and animal enthusiasts will no longer have rodeo, bull riding and various equestrian and other animal related events and activities in Los Angeles. This will cancel the Charros rodeo, the all-Black rodeo at STAPLES Center, Professional Bull Riders ( PBR ) , Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association ( PRCA ) rodeos, Compton Cowboys exhibitions, and even several Olympic equestrian sports.

Precedent Setting Ordinance Language

Make no mistake, there are animal extremists around the country watching the fight unfold against this ordinance language in Los Angeles. If the ban language is approved by a Los Angeles City Council vote, extremists in other cities across the country will become emboldened and will work to push forward similar ban language. We can’t overstate how important it is to shut this down NOW to save rodeo, bull riding, and all other western sports that could be construed as “rodeo-like.”

The Future of Rodeo and Animal Activities Depends on You

The future of rodeo, bull riding and similar activities with animals depends on the unity and actions of all participants and fans. As an industry we must stop legislation and ordinances pushed by animal extremist groups from passing and spreading city by city. The Western Sports Industry Coalition needs your help to fight back. Your voice is critical in helping stop the proposed ban and the further spread of these harmful ordinances threatening our industry.

You can help by becoming members of the Western Justice Legislative Fund, by signing petitions, and commenting on the Los Angeles City Council website.

Origins of Ban Language – Los Angeles is Not the First

The deceptive legislation restricting the use of equipment such as spurs, and flank straps originated in the East Coast. City by city, animal rights extremist groups have been pushing similar ordinances.

The deceptive language has quickly spread and has been adopted by several East Coast cities:

  • Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – The Los Angeles ordinance language was modeled after the 1992 language enacted by the City of Pittsburgh

  • The State of Ohio prohibits the use of spurs

  • Baltimore County, Maryland prohibits calf roping and the use of spurs

  • St. Petersburg, Florida prohibits rodeo

  • Greenburgh, New York prohibits rodeos on town property

  • Fort Wayne, Indiana prohibits rodeo

  • Leestown Virginia prohibits the use of bucking straps and spurs

  • Southampton, New York has effectively banned rodeo by prohibiting the use of bucking straps and spurs.

  • Rhode Island prohibits all calf roping except breakaway roping, resulting in steer roping being illegal.

The animal extremists pushed legislation movement has now spread to the West Coast resulting in several California cities falling victim to similar ordinances:

  • Napa County prohibits rodeo

  • San Francisco prohibits rodeo

  • Pasadena prohibits rodeo

  • Western Justice helped stop a proposed rodeo ban in Alameda County in 2022

Notice of Intent to File Lawsuit

As a part of fighting back against the influence of animal extremism on the Los Angeles City Council and their implementation of an ideologic agenda via ordinance language, the Western Sports Industry Coalition has engaged legal counsel. The Western Sports Industry Coalition has been working with City Council Members over the last two years and yet there are some who will not budge on their goal to implement their personal ideology. Because of this, the legal council for the Western Sports Industry Coalition has notified the Los Angeles City Council of an intent to file a lawsuit and has filed the necessary notifications with the court.

In the future, Western Justice Legislative Fund may start a fundraisser to assist in funding the lawsuit against the Los Angeles City Council and to preserve our Western heritage and traditions in the City of Los Angeles.

Western Sports Industry Coalition Members

The Western Sports Industry Coalition is a collective voice to present knowledge, experience, and legitimate, objective research to lawmakers to preserve and protect the future of Western sports events and traditions, and to substantiate the industry’s commitment to the welfare of animals.

The history-making Western Sports Industry coalition is made up of more than 50 organizations representing a variety of Western sports interests and cultures:

· Western Justice Legislative Fund

· Professional Bull Riders ( PBR )

· Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association ( PRCA )

· Union De Asociaciones De Charros Del Estado Ed California

· Clovis Rodeo

· Santa Maria Elks

· Indian National Finals Rodeo ( INFR )

· National High School Rodeo Association ( NHSRA )

· Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association

· California Circuit Finals Rodeo

· Bill Pickett Rodeo

· Compton Cowboys

· PCHA – ProCharro

· Red Bluff rounds Up Association

· Santa Barbara Fiesta Sstock Horse Show and Rodeo

· Big Hat Rodeo

· American Bucking Bull Inc. ( ABBI )

· Shawnee Rodeo ( IFYR )

· American Quarter Horse Association ( AQHA )

· Murieta Equestrian Center

· Women’s Rodeo World Championship ( WCRA )

· Western States Ranch Rodeo Association (WSRRA )

· Challenge of Champions

· Military Rodeo Cowboys Association ( MRCA )

· Crown 7

· National Stock Horse Association ( NSHA )

· International Professional Rodeo Association ( IPRA )

· Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association ( PCCHA )

· United States Team Roping Championships ( USTRC )

· National Team Roping ( NTR )

· Flying U Rodeo

· California Rodeo Salinas

· World Champions Rodeo Alliance ( WCRA )

· Midwest Rodeo Entries

· Hooked Up Enterprises

· Short Go

· Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity

· Protect The Harvest

· Pro Fantasy Rodeo ( PFR )

· Western and English Sales Association ( WESA )

· Priefert

· Ranahan

· American Rope Horse Futurity Association ( ARHFA )

· Ariat World Series of Team Roping

· Remount

· The Cowboy Store

· Fastback

· Women’s Professional Rodeo Association ( WPRA )

· Resistol

· American Hat Company

· Stetson

· Charlie Horse Hat Company

· Cactus Gear

· Cactus Ropes

· Cactus Saddlery


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Sign the Rural America in Action Petition to Save Rodeo HERE

Comment on the Los Angeles City Council website HERE

Support the Western Horse Industry and the Western Sports Industry Coalition - Become a Western Justice Member - HERE

Western Justice Legislative Fund is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(4) Organization Internal Revenue Code: EIN # 85-1738984 Registered in Wyoming. Mailing address ~ P.O. Box 454 Hermiston, OR 97838

Contributions to WJLF are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. They may be deductible as trade or business expenses, if ordinary and necessary in the conduct of the taxpayer's business. Please consult with your tax adviser.

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