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The Fleecing of America

Updated: Mar 20

For far too long, extremist groups have had undue influence on the public regarding agriculture and our Western ways of life.  It’s time to take back the narrative.

The Rise of Animal & Environmental Extremism

The mid-1900s brought the increasing rise of animal and environmental extremism for several reasons, mainly the separation of a large majority of citizens from agriculture.  Currently, most people are three or four generations removed from hands-on food producers.  In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of agricultural workers dropped by nearly 50% between 1950 and 2000.  During that same time, the population of the country nearly doubled.   Sadly, today most people have no working knowledge of where their food comes from.

In the 1970s, two books were published that extremist fringe groups rallied around:  Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky, and Animal Liberation Now by Peter Singer.  While abstaining from consuming animal products had been a tenet of certain religions for centuries, these two books worked to metastasize that ideology into the modern animal extremist movement.

As modern civilization moved off the farm and became more industrialized, perceptions shifted concerning traditional animal-based foods, products people had consumed for centuries. Gargantuan advertising campaigns worked to integrate the more affordable but highly processed seed oils into diets as a replacement for animal fats.  For example, did you know shortening was originally invented as a machine lubricant?

The combination of these factors created an ideal situation for the closely intertwined animal and environmental extremist movements to sink their ideological hooks into impressionable but well-meaning people.  For many of those who already mistakenly believe that animal products are unhealthy to consume, it’s been an easy jump to believing that consuming animal products is wrong.

Animal Ownership is Next on the Chopping Block

Animal and environmental extremist movements didn’t stop at anti-animal consumption ideology.  They took it much further, deciding any human/animal interaction was bad, from owning pets to enjoying animal-centric sports from dressage to rodeo.

Unfortunately, spreading radical beliefs is just the tip of the iceberg.  Animal and environmental extremism have evolved into multi-million-dollar industries—all based on lies.  We have all seen advertisements featuring sad-eyed puppies and kittens, begging for money.  People who love animals and have good intentions are duped into donating, believing that their dollars go toward saving animals in shelters.  The shameful reality is that extremist groups do not own or operate any shelters, and the millions of dollars collected through this ruse are spent on more advertising and lobbying to fundamentally alter our rights to own, breed, and exhibit animals.  Some proposed laws go so far as to give animals the same legal rights as people. 

What duped, but well-meaning donors are supporting is extremist groups’ core mission - to take away the steaks at their family barbecues, the new puppy for Christmas, the weekend riding lessons, the unmatchable experience of raising and selling 4-H animals, the lifesaving medication derived from byproducts of beef production. 

Follow the Money

All the while, these “non-profits” are not spending the money where supporters expect.  “Follow the money” is common advice when looking at corruption.  Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) spent $5 million on executive salaries in 2022.  Just think how many legitimate animal shelters could have been supported.  And since 1998, PETA has killed well over 47,000 animals entrusted to their care.  Their common tagline is “Better dead than fed”.

Conversely, true animal welfare has always been at the heart of virtually all ranches, farms, breeding operations, and animal-based sports.  To truly protect animals is to keep them as part of our lives, and to continue the various human/animal interactions that have been integral to the evolution of mankind.  It is time for the narrative to change and for the truth to prevail.

The need for Western Justice is stronger now more than ever—there is so much damage to undo and so many wrongs to be righted.  As a group, we have the background, knowledge, and grit to take on these groups and tell the truths that need telling.

Lend a hand by becoming a member of Western Justice Legislative Fund.


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