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Extremist Groups use Deceptive Tactics

Deceptive tactics are commonly used by animal rights extremist groups when fundraising and to sway legislators and voters while pushing their ideology.


Currently, Last Chance for Animals (LCA), is publicly encouraging their followers to deceive potential employers.  As you can see here, they are advertising open positions for "undercover investigators''. The job ad clearly states these "investigators" would deceive facility owners and managers to get jobs on farms and ranches so they can report back to LCA on animal abuse situations.  Animal rights extremist organizations believe any human/animal interaction is cruelty and these groups are known for selective and biased editing to portray situations that are untrue.  Rest assured the applicants will have no real-life experience in animal husbandry or humane handling, most will have never seen livestock up close before.  So, we sincerely hope any targeted farmers or ranchers will get through the ruse and not hire any LCA stooges trying to infiltrate their businesses under false pretenses. 


Jobs of this nature and openly advertising deceptive positions are, by definition, racketeering.


It should come as no surprise that LCA founder, Chris DeRose, is also the one feeding L.A. City Councilman Bob Blumenfield his “tools of torture” animal rights rhetoric and propaganda in the ongoing anti-rodeo ordinance in Los Angeles.


At Western Justice Legislative Fund, it is our mission to stand strong against organizations that work to destroy our Western heritage and lifestyle.  LCA is just one of many organizations that seek to destroy what we hold dear. 


Protect your lifestyle – become a member today!


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