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   Western Justice is a collaborative voice empowering the future of the western lifestyle, our livelihoods, and industry events. We are committed to upholding livestock owners, trainers, and exhibitors' rights and liberties while ensuring the welfare of animals. 

     Western Justice Legislative Fund is a membership-based C4 Non-Profit Organization engaging in political action to preserve and protect the western lifestyle. 

​Your annual membership puts our team's years of experience, to work,  researching, and keeping abreast of legislation as it affects the western lifestyle and industry events. 

    Surprisingly, for such a large industry, our voice in Washington D.C. is minimal.  The absence of an industry-focused group to address pertinent issues, such as bad legislation at the county, state, and federal levels is adversely affecting our industry at an accelerated pace. 

    Our strength is in our numbers, more members equals more empowerment and an influential voice when addressing threatening and debilitating legislation. It is imperative we unify to create a strong entity. Extremist groups' legislation is being aggressively pushed at the state and local levels through changes to state laws and county ordinances. It must be stopped. 

    Help Western Justice protect the western industry and lifestyle by becoming a member today. There are 5 levels of membership to choose from. Your membership and support are greatly appreciated. 



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