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  Western Justice Legislative Fund is a membership-based, 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that engages in political action to preserve and protect the western lifestyle, livelihoods, and events. The Western Justice team is committed to forming a united front of organizations and individuals and to advocating on their behalf at the legislative level.

   The strength and influence of our organization are derived from our memberships. Although individual contributions are essential to funding our work, it is the support of a large group of members that significantly impacts our influence on industry issues and our initiatives.

   Our mission is to become the largest advocacy organization dedicated to protecting our western heritage and ensuring a lasting legacy for future generations.

Annual memberships range from $50 to $1000 and are renewed at your discretion.


City By City Western Sports Events Are Being Threatened

The deceptive legislation restricting the use of equipment such as spurs and flank straps originated in Pittsburg PA in 1992. City by city animal rights extremists groups have been pushing similar ordinances. The deceptive language has quickly spread and has been adopted by several East Coast cities including the state of Ohio which prohibits the use of spurs. Baltimore County, Maryland prohibits calf roping and the use of spurs. St. Petersburg, Florida prohibits rodeo and Greenburgh, New York prohibits rodeos on town property. Fort Wayne, Indiana prohibits rodeo and Leestown Virginia and Southampton, New York have effectively banned rodeo by prohibiting the use of bucking straps and spurs. Rhode Island prohibits all calf roping except breakaway roping, resulting in steer roping being illegal.


The animal extremists pushed legislation movement has now spread to the West Coast resulting in several  CA cities falling victim to similar ordinances. Rodeo is now prohibited in Napa County, San Francisco and the city of Pasadena. Currently, city and county ordinances prohibiting the use of spurs, flank straps and ropes are being proposed in the city of Los Angeles. Rodeo, bull riding and similiar western riding events  are at risk. Your voice is critical in helping stop further spread of these harmful ordinances threatening our industry. 

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