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Western Justice Legislative Fund is a membership-based, nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization that engages in political action to preserve and protect our western lifestyle, Livelihood and industry events.  

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Western Justice's strength and influence are derived from its members. 

Having a substantial membership demonstrates our unity and strengthens our voice.  


Help preserve and protect the western lifestyle, livelihood and industry events by becoming an annual member of Western Justice. 

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Our mission is to unite the western industry into a collective voice. Preserving and protecting the western lifestyle, livelihood, and industry events.

Our vision is to become the largest advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the western lifestyle. 


Extremist Groups Are Targeting Equipment Used By The Western Sports Industry.

A number of extremist groups are proposing the banning of western sports equipment such as ropes, spurs, bits, and flank straps in order to pass legislation in their respective cities.